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The needle

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“The poems in The Needle come barreling out of time in an utterly original and necessary way: ‘One could live a thousand years ago, or two. Or ten.’ They inhabit a landscape that is recognizably our own but at the same time is ancient, hungry, and burning with celestial fire. A poem might originate on the Gowanus or a basement in Connecticut, but it stretches much, much farther—from childhood’s savage innocence to myths that sit deep and long in the world we can feel around us. They are weird in the vital, true, old meaning of the word: spells and charms that open us to something like fate if we attend to them. And how could we fail to? The music here impels us. With echoes of Yeats and Stevens, it's both intoxicating and grounded in the stuff of the earth. The Needle is extraordinary.”

—Tom Thompson


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